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SL cross slider coupling

作者: Published: 2020-01-19

The characteristics and application of SL type cross slider coupling: can not buffer, reduce vibration, small radial size, small moment of inertia.Suitable for two-axis connection with small torque, little load change, and no severe impact

The parameters and main dimensions of the SL cross slider coupling: (Q/ZY 03-2001) mm

    The Oldham slider coupling is also known as the metal slider coupling. The slider is in the shape of a circular ring and is made of steel or wear-resistant alloy. It is suitable for transmissions with low speed and large transmission torque.

    The cross slider coupling is composed of two half couplings with grooves on the end faces and an intermediate disc with protruding teeth on both sides.Because the convex teeth can slide in the groove, the relative displacement between the two shafts during installation and operation can be compensated.

    The material of the Oldham coupling parts can be 45 steel, and the working surface needs to be heat treated to increase its hardness; Q275 steel can also be used when the requirements are low, without heat treatment.In order to reduce friction and wear, oil should be injected from the oil hole of the middle plate for lubrication during use.

Because the semi-coupling and the intermediate disc form a moving pair and cannot rotate relative to each other, the angular velocity of the driving shaft and the driven shaft should be equal.However, when working with relative displacement between the two shafts, the middle disk will generate a large centrifugal force, which will increase the dynamic load and wear.Therefore, pay attention to the working speed not greater than the specified value when selecting.

    Oldham couplings are generally used for rotating speed n<250r/min, where the shaft has greater rigidity and no severe impact.
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