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welded universal coupling

作者: Published: 2020-01-19

SWC-DH type universal coupling features and applications: It connects two shaft transmissions with different axes, can not buffer or reduce vibration, adopts an integral fork structure, and does not require bolts for bearing fixing, which avoids loosening and fracture of bolts and is convenient for maintenance. Extended service life, large carrying capacity, large inclination, and can work under β≤5°~25° working conditions.It is suitable for steel rolling machinery, lifting and transportation, construction machinery, petroleum machinery and other heavy machinery. There are seven types of structure for different installation requirements:

    BH type-standard telescopic welding type;

    BF type-standard telescopic flange type;

    DH type-short telescopic welding type;

    CH type-long telescopic welding type;

    WH type-no telescopic welding type;

    WF type-no telescopic flange type;

    WD type-no telescopic short type;

Basic parameters and main dimensions of welded universal coupling (JB/T 5513-91) mm
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