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Two installation techniques of gear coupling

作者: Published: 2020-12-08

Gear couplingCold loading
For gear couplings and shafts with corresponding clearance fits, after cleaning the mating surface, apply lubricating grease and install directly.For the fits that are not very large for transition fit and interference, or fits with special requirements (such as protecting precision components already installed), press-fitting method can be used, but press-fitting equipment is required.Hot assembly of couplings is often used in the installation of heavy equipment such as large motors, compressors and rolling mills, because couplings and shafts in such equipment are usually connected by interference fit.There are several methods for assembling interference couplings: press-fit assembly, low-temperature cold assembly and hot-fit assembly.The cold shrink assembly method generally uses liquid nitrogen as a cold source, and requires a certain insulation container, so it can only be used when conditions permit.
Gear couplingHot loading
The essential principle of hot fitting is to heat the containing part (hole) to expand its diameter to a matching interference value, and then install the contained part (shaft). After cooling, the machine will reach the required bonding strength.In fact, the heating expansion value must be larger than the fit interference value to ensure smooth installation and avoid serious accidents of shaft and hole jamming due to the cooling and shrinking of the housing during the installation process.At the same time, in order to ensure a greater meshing force-bonding strength, the bonding surface of the thermal suit must be processed, but not excessively smooth, because a certain surface roughness (usually Ra3.2) is not affected by axial movement. After being flattened and cooled, the bonding strength of the internal and external parts will be greater, and the torque that can be transmitted will also be greater.
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