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Selection of heating method for roller chain coupling

作者: Published: 2020-12-14

Selection of heating method for roller chain coupling
   Roller chain couplingThe method of heating the containing parts to the required temperature should be selected according to the site conditions, the size, quantity and requirements of the heated parts.The general heating methods include: solid fuel heating, hot dip heating, oxygen-acetylene flame heating, blowtorch heating, electric heating and so on.If conditions permit, it can be heated in special furnaces (such as flame heating furnaces, salt bath furnaces, resistance furnaces and other electric heating furnaces).When the site conditions do not permit, a simple stove can be built and heated with wood, coke and other solid fuels.
   Roller chain couplingIf conditions permit, gas or liquid fuel can also be used for combustion.Immersion heating is usually only used for couplings with smaller dimensions (inner diameter below 100mm). The method is simple and the heating is uniform.When the oxygen-acetylene flame heating method is used to heat small parts or parts of larger parts, the method is simple, but requires more skilled technology to prevent overheating and burning the parts.For large couplings, multiple oxygen-acetylene flame heating and blowtorch heating can also be used in combination, and the effect is very good.Although the electric heating method is a better heating method, its use at the installation site is limited due to the need for special equipment. However, the electric induction heating method can still be considered for selection.The electric induction heating method used on the large and medium-sized roller chain coupling joints at the installation site is to pass the operating frequency (50Hz), low voltage and large current through the induction coil.Under the same conditions and the same material, the current frequency f is inversely proportional to the current penetration depth δ.Now it is hoped that δ is large, so instead of intermediate frequency (500~10000Hz) and high frequency (105~106Hz), the working frequency (50Hz) is adopted.Low voltage and high current can increase alternating eddy current and hysteresis loss, and increase heat generation.The commonly used voltages are 380V and 220V.
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