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Dynamic structure characteristics of elastic coupling

作者: Published: 2021-01-13

    Narrated from the perspective of dynamicsFlexible couplingThe critical speed of the elastic coupling is calculated and analyzed with the spline connection state as the research focus. The results show that a reasonable spline connection structure and degree of looseness are necessary to ensure the safety of the rotor system connected by the elastic coupling Reliable operation plays an important role.
    Flexible couplingAs a connecting structure between aero engines, reducers, power units or power absorption devices, they will encounter accidents due to excessive vibration in actual work.This paper expounds and studies the dynamic characteristics of the elastic coupling from three aspects: structure analysis, dynamic calculation and dynamic characteristic experiment.research shows,Flexible couplingThe spline connection is a key factor affecting the dynamic characteristics of the elastic coupling. The loose connection of the spline is a sufficient and necessary condition to realize the "floating" of the elastic shaft; the structure of the elastic coupling also affects the state of the spline connection. Long adapter sleeve teeth can cause loose connections to fail, which can lead to dangerous vibrations.Through the experiment of the dynamic characteristics of the elastic coupling, the critical speed of the elastic coupling whose elastic shaft is bent is measured, which proves that the spline loose connection can be transformed into a flexible connection.Finally, effective measures to eliminate this possibility are proposed.The spline loose connection is transformed into the possibility of flexible connection.
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