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Development and Application of Drum Gear Coupling

作者: Published: 2021-01-21

    Drum gear couplingIt is a removable rigid coupling with excellent performance. It plays an important role in mechanical transmission. The internal gear fixed to shaft 1 is an involute spur internal gear, and the external gear fixed to shaft 2 is a tooth. The top surface is a spherical drum-shaped involute gear.Through the mutual meshing transmission between the inner and outer gears, the movement and power between the two shafts are transmitted.The drum gear coupling has a high application speed, a wide range of torque transmission, and can adapt to the characteristics of axial, radial, angular and comprehensive displacement between the two axes.Drum gear couplings are widely used in various mechanical equipment, such as: metallurgy, chemical industry, lifting, mining, transportation, etc. With the rapid development of modern science and technology,Drum gear couplingThe design tends to be perfect, and its excellent performance is getting more attention.Therefore, it is very necessary to discuss the research development and application status of drum gear couplings for its long-term development.
    Drum gear couplingIn the past two decades, many domestic experts and scholars have conducted extensive analysis and research on drum couplings. In the 1990s, the research on drum gear couplings mainly focused on the analysis and calculation of the tooth surfaces of internal and external gears.The curve equation of the meshing contact point is proposed; the meshing analysis of the non-conjugated tooth surface drum-shaped gear coupling is carried out, the tooth surface equations of the internal and external gears are established, and several kinematics analysis conclusions are drawn; etc., the hobbing processing is derived The tooth surface equation of the drum gear, quantitatively analyzed the shape of the tooth profile and its influencing factors; analyzed the lubrication state of the tooth surface, and proposed measures to prevent tooth surface wear.
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