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The difference between star coupling and plum coupling

作者: Published: 2021-01-27

   due toStar couplingPlum couplingBoth belong to the category of elastic couplings, and there is a special elastic body between the two shafts, which is the same in shape, so it is sometimes confusing. Let's introduce the difference between the two couplings:
   The significant difference lies in the elasticity of the star coupling and the plum blossom coupling. The elastomer of the MT1-13 plum blossom tube is the elastomer type of the plum blossom tube: height=12-55mm, outer diameter=48-391mm, inner diameter=19-250mm; the elastic body of the star-shaped tube is the elastic body of the star-shaped tube The type is GR10-GR180, outer diameter=20mm-420mm, inner diameter=10-220mm.Working temperature: -40~1000C Torque: 22.4~2500NM.The two materials are made of polyurethane, and the polyurethane elastomer has good elasticity, can play a buffering effect, has a long life, and is easy to replace. Macintosh is commonly used ML type, MLL-Ⅱ with brake wheel, star coupling is commonly used XL type, XLD type, XLD type, XLD shaft hole diameter is larger than XL type, so under the same model , The outer diameter of the shaft hole of the XLD star coupling is larger than that of the XL type, so the price will be higher.
   Star couplingPlum couplingAnother significant difference is that under normal circumstances, there are four claws in the middle of the star coupling, and three claws in the middle of the plum coupling. The same type of star coupling can bear more torque than the plum The coupling needs to be large, so the star coupling can be made smaller.On equipment with two couplings, it is difficult to tell whether it is a plum coupling or a star coupling only from the appearance. The type of coupling can only be judged by the shape of the shrapnel or the shape of the claw.The side of the claw of the star coupling is flat, while the side of the claw of the plum coupling is round, which is easy to distinguish.I hope the above description is helpful to you.
   The star coupling is similar to the plum coupling. Both are claw couplings. The difference lies in the small and narrow arc of the claws of the star elastic coupling, the large torque capacity, the high hardness of the elastic body and the long service life.
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