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Drum-shaped gear coupling hot assembling operation method

作者: Published: 2020-01-18

The hot-installed drum-shaped gear coupling is heated to about 200 degrees Celsius, and the shaft sleeve is removed and then installed on the shaft. The temperature of the hot-installed drum-shaped gear coupling is reduced, and the shaft hole will retract. almost done.Drum-shaped gear couplings are hot-fitted.Because of the gap of a few millimeters, it is impossible to install it vertically if it is manually installed. If the shaft sleeve is not very large, you can use the oil heating method to put the shaft sleeve in an iron drum containing organic oil and heat it to about 0.0 degrees Celsius. Take out the shaft sleeve and install it on the shaft. It is especially easy to install. The gap between the shaft and the shaft hole is standard. Do not polish the shaft hole. The gap will be large if you polish it, which will affect the service life of the coupling. When the temperature of the shaft sleeve drops, the shaft hole will also retract, which will not affect the life.After the shaft sleeve cools down, the shaft hole and shaft will fit tightly. Wouldn’t it be difficult to remove it then?Does it need to be destroyed before it can be dismantled?In addition, should the key be installed first and then the bushing?When the Zhenjiang coupling is first disassembled, it can be heated and then pulled off the shaft with a puller. For heating, use the cutting torch to slowly rotate the roasting shaft head. Generally, it is only disassembled after it is broken. It is cut directly with a cutting torch, and the molten iron is returned to the furnace.When assembling, it depends on whether the keyway on the shaft is full-length. If it is a full-length keyway, install the bushing first. After the shaft is set to the end, press the key bar in. If the keyway is not full-length, you must first Install the key and then install the bushing.
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