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How to remove the coupling bolts

作者: Published: 2020-01-18

      For the disassembly of coupling bolts, suitable tools must be selected, because the bearing surface of the bolt's outer hexagon or inner hexagon has been slipped and damaged, and the disassembly will be more difficult.For bolts that have been rusted or have a lot of grease, solvents (such as rust loosening agent) are often used to spray the joints of the bolts and nuts, so that the solvent can penetrate into the threads, so that it will be easy to disassemble.If the bolts cannot be removed, the heating method can be used, and the heating temperature is generally controlled below 200°C.By heating, the gap between the nut and the bolt is enlarged, the rust is also easy to fall off, and the bolt disassembly becomes easier.If none of the above methods work, only damage the bolts, cut or drill the bolts, and replace them with new bolts when assembling.The new bolts must be consistent with the original bolt specifications. The bolts used for the new replacement of the high-speed equipment coupling must also be weighed so that the new bolts have the same weight as the connecting bolts on the same set of flanges.Due to the failure of the plum coupling itself, it needs to be disassembled. First, the entire coupling must be carefully inspected (especially for the damaged coupling), and the cause of the failure should be found out.
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