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Precautions for lubricating universal joints

作者: Published: 2020-01-18

  When the coupling (drive shaft) is working, the universal joint is often subjected to large torque and impact loads at high speeds. The expansion joint of the universal joint will continue to expand and contract with the deformation of the suspension. The angle between the driving shaft of the main reducer and the second shaft drive axle of the transmission is also constantly changing, so the damage is more serious.

  Practice has proved that the damage of the universal joint transmission is mainly the damage of the cross shaft universal joint, that is, the wear of the cross shaft journal and the needle roller bearing, the indentation and peeling of the working surface of the cross shaft journal and the needle bearing bowl.However, good lubrication can prevent early damage to the cross shaft and needle roller and prolong the service life of the universal joint.The vehicle maintenance specifications stipulate that the sliding fork teeth and intermediate bearings use calcium-based grease (butter); the needle roller bearings of the cross shaft and the intermediate bearings of the three-axle drive use gear oil.However, in actual work, because many drivers and maintenance personnel lack sufficient understanding of the lubricating oil of the transmission shaft, some are convenient for work, and some do not have filling equipment, so the lubrication of the cross shaft needle bearing is also used. The butter.

  Many drivers and maintenance personnel believe that the grease nipple of the cross shaft is the same as the grease nipple, so they believe that it is required to fill the grease, which caused the early damage of the cross shaft.Why does the filling of butter in the universal joint cause early damage to the cross shaft? This is because butter is a structural dispersion system formed by thickening agent and base oil, which contains bound water as a stabilizer, which is suitable for susceptible to moisture or Contact with water, the working temperature does not exceed 60 to 80 degrees on the friction surface.
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