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CL type gear coupling

作者: Published: 2020-01-19

CL type gear coupling

Features and applications: It has a small amount of axis offset compensation performance, and can not buffer or reduce vibration.Small size, theoretically large transmission torque, need lubrication, sealing, but high noise, expensive, used to connect horizontal two coaxial line shaft transmission.Used to connect two horizontal coaxial lines under low speed and heavy load conditions, such as metallurgical machinery, heavy machinery, etc. CL and CLZ type are straight tooth profile, used for low speed and heavy load, two horizontal shafts are connected, straight tooth type has poor compensation performance, it is an obsolete product, it has been replaced by drum tooth type and should not be used anymore.

    CL type-straight tooth basic type, used for direct connection of two auxiliary ends;

    CLZ type-Straight tooth type with intermediate shaft, used for long-distance connection of two shafts

The parameters and main dimensions of CL type gear coupling: (JB/ZQ 4218-86) mm

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