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JMI type diaphragm coupling with counterbore

作者: Published: 2020-01-19

Characteristics and application of JMI diaphragm coupling: Compared with flexible couplings with metal elastic elements, it has high mechanical strength, large carrying capacity, light weight, small structure, high transmission efficiency and transmission accuracy, and convenient assembly and disassembly, etc. Features.Suitable for medium, high-speed and large torque shaft transmission.Compared with the drum gear coupling, it has the characteristics of no relative sliding, no lubrication, long service life, no noise, and simple structure.It can partially replace the drum gear coupling.Not affected by temperature and oil pollution.It is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion.It can be used in the working environment of high temperature, low temperature and oil, water and corrosive media.It is suitable for shafting transmission of various mechanical devices with little change in load. It has strong versatility and has been widely used in industrially developed countries. It is a high-performance flexible coupling that is mainly promoted and applied in my country. High-precision diaphragm couplings are available. For high-speed conditions.Compared with the gear coupling, the diaphragm coupling has no relative sliding, no lubrication, sealing, no noise, basically no maintenance, more convenient to manufacture, and can partially replace the gear coupling.Diaphragm couplings have been widely used in industrially developed countries in the world. In practical applications, the intermediate shaft type is generally used to improve the two-axis offset compensation performance.

    JMI type-basic type with counterbore;

    JMIJ type-with countersink to connect the intermediate shaft type;

    JMII type-basic type without counterbore;

    JMIIJ type-non-counterbore to connect to the intermediate shaft type;

Basic parameters and main dimensions of JMI diaphragm coupling (JB/T 9147-99) mm

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