Flex Coupling Cardan Prop Shaft

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12 -12

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We are a European producer of flexible rubber couplings for BMW, Ford, Mercedes, GM and many more cars.
We have a more competitive quality that does not fully reach the 100% OEM quality, but that is much more than Asian products for the same price like Asia. Avoid problems with cheap and less quality parts and buy quality for little money from us.
Since our company is producing the whole range of flexible rubber discs fcouplings for cars, we will only deliver to customers with a quantity with more than 10. 000 pieces per year or an order volume that exceeds 50. 000 Euros. We deliver EXW Bulgaria and with payment in advance. You can refer to the OEM number in your inquiries. Please send a Microsoft Excel Sheet with the OEM numbers and the planned quantity for one year to our email address. Other inquiries will not be answered, because we are focused on big customers, not end users!
We hope to hear from you soon.