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High  China  in   Nanded Waghala India   rubber coupling gearbox  near me  Speed  in   Rotterdam Netherlands   falk 1015g20  shop  Keyless Magnetic Pump Flexible Disc Magnetic Shaft Couplings with top quality lowest price

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Introduction of magnetic shaft coupling

Magnetic shaft coupling is a new variety of coupling, which connects motor and device by long term magnetic force. 

They are consisted of exterior rotor, inside rotor and isolating covers.

They operate in the sealed magnetic drive pumps, which transporting volatile, flammable, explosive and poisonous solutions with no leakage. 

These magnetic shaft couplings can be used to link gear pumps , screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, and many others. with all varieties of electric motor or gear box. 

Magnetic shaft coupling are commonly utilised in a variety of industries and fields, such as chemical, papermaking, foodstuff, pharmacy, and so on. 

Benefits of magnetic shaft coupling

» Elimination of fluid leakage from the pump shaft.

» Vibrations are not transmitted to the pump.

» No routine maintenance necessary for magnetic couplings.

» Utilizing magnetic couplings enables use of standard pumps without having high-priced mechanical seals.

» No extra price for purchasing mechanical seal spare areas and routine maintenance.


Technological drawing of magnetic shaft coupling

Specification of magnetic shaft coupling

Product Inner Rotor(mm) Exterior Rotor(mm) Isolating Covering(mm)
A B C D E F G Shaft Pin H I J L N M P Q R S T U
GME03-3LM00 Φ35 Φ10 26 eighteen M6X12 Φ42 Φ60 Φ50 forty six six-M4 Φ40 Φ50 four-Φ5.4 Φ38 Φ60 six six
GME03-5MM00 Φ42 Φ12 27 4 18 thirteen.eight M6X16 Φ49 Φ72 Φ60 46 4-Φ6.7 Φ52 Φ60 4-Φ6.seven Φ44 Φ74 8 eight
GME03-16LM00 Φ56 Φ12 forty five 4 twenty five 13.eight M6X16 Φ63 Φ89 Φ80 75 6-M5 Φ70 Φ75 four-Φ6.7 Φ58 Φ89 eight eight
GME03-16LM01 Φ56 Φ12 45 four 25 13.8 M6X16 Φ63 Φ89 Φ80 seventy five four-M5 Φ70 Φ75 4-Φ6.seven Φ58 Φ89 six ten
GME03-16MM00 Φ56 Φ12 45 4 25 13.8 M6X16 Φ63 Φ89 Φ80 75 6-M5 Φ70 Φ75 four-Φ6.seven Φ58 Φ89 eight eight
GME03-22LM00 Φ88 Φ20 29 six 25 22.eight M8X20 Φ97 Φ122 Φ110 70 eight-M6 Φ98 Φ108 6-Φ6.7 Φ91 Φ122 eight 8
GME03-30LM00 Φ88 Φ20 48 6 30 22.8 M8X20 Φ97 Φ122 Φ110 eighty one eight-M6 Φ98 Φ108 six-Φ6.seven Φ91 Φ122 eight eight
GME03-40LM00 Φ101 Φ25 forty nine 8 28 28.three M10X20 Φ109 Φ140 Φ124 eighty three 8-M8 Φ110 Φ126 8-Φ6.seven Φ103 Φ140 twelve six
GME03-50LM00 Φ107 Φ20 70 6 thirty 22.eight M6X16 Φ113.four Φ145 Φ135 eighty 4-M6 Φ126 Φ133 twelve-Φ8.seven Φ109 Φ153 12 15
GME03-65LM00 Φ101 Φ25 seventy seven 8 45 28.3 M10X20 Φ109 Φ140 Φ124 111 8-M8 Φ110 Φ126 eight-Φ6.seven Φ103 Φ140 12 six
GME03-80LM00 Φ106 Φ32 65 ten 21 36.five M6X25 Φ115 Φ145 Φ135 82 4-M6 Φ127 Φ135 6-Φ8.7 Φ110 Φ153 13 eighteen
GME03-80LM00 Φ141 Φ92 Φ40 sixty five twelve forty five 43.3 M12X25 Φ152 Φ180 Φ168 a hundred eight-M8 Φ154 Φ164 8-Φ6.seven Φ145 Φ180 12 eight
GME03-100LM00 Φ131 Φ82 Φ32 eighty ten 24.5 35.3 M8X35 Φ139 Φ170 Φ160 100 4-M6 Φ152 Φ158 eight-Φ8.7 Φ133 Φ178 14 21
GME03-110LH00 Φ141 Φ92 Φ40 eighty five ten fifty forty three.3 M12X25 Φ152 Φ184 Φ168 one hundred fifteen 12-M8 Φ156 Φ164 12-Φ6.7 Φ145 Φ180 12 three
GME03-110LM00 Φ141 Φ92 Φ35 eighty 10 fifty five 38.three M12X25 Φ152 Φ180 Φ168 one hundred fifteen 12-M8 Φ154 Φ164 twelve-Φ6.seven Φ145 Φ180 12 3
GME03-140LM00 Φ141 Φ92 Φ40 a hundred and ten twelve eighty forty three.3 M12X25 Φ152 Φ190 Φ170 a hundred forty five 12-M10 Φ154 Φ164 12-Φ6.seven Φ145 Φ180 twelve three
GME03-180LM00 Φ141 Φ92 Φ40 140 twelve ninety five forty three.3 M12X25 Φ152 Φ190 Φ170 one hundred seventy five twelve-M10 Φ154 Φ164 12-Φ6.7 Φ145 Φ180 12 three
GME03-220LM00 Φ141 Φ92 Φ48 160 14 110 fifty one.8 M12X25 Φ152 Φ190 Φ170 195 twelve-M10 Φ154 Φ164 twelve-Φ6.seven Φ145 Φ180 twelve 3
GME03-300LM00 Φ162 Φ65 100 eighteen sixty 69.four   Φ170 Φ198 Φ188 123 twelve-M6 Φ180 Φ192 twelve-Φ11 Φ163.five Φ218 sixteen 10
GME03-400LH00 Φ195 Φ70 127 20 107 79.9 M12X25 Φ203 Φ234 Φ222 152 six-M6 Φ212 Φ164 12-Φ11 Φ198 Φ278 16 22

Application of magnetic shaft coupling

The potential to hermetically independent two areas even though continuing to transmit mechanical power from one to the other can make these couplings excellent for purposes where avoidance of cross contamination is essential. For instance: hydraulic sectors, dosing techniques, compressors, sterilizers, industrial ovens, biotechnology, subsea tools, pharmaceutical sector, chemical business, foodstuff business, generators and mixers.




Operation ideas of magnetic shaft coupling

The magnetic coupling operates by making use of the energy produced by permanent magnets. No exterior power supply is needed. These are long term magnets not electro magnets.


Packing Technique of magnetic shaft coupling

Double strength corrugated Carton and Wood case Sea Packing.



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High  China  in   Nanded Waghala India   rubber coupling gearbox  near me  Speed  in   Rotterdam Netherlands   falk 1015g20  shop  Keyless Magnetic Pump Flexible Disc Magnetic Shaft Couplings with top quality lowest price