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Matters needing attention in the selection of universal coupling

作者: Published: 2021-01-06

   In selectionUniversal couplingAccording to the actual conditions and requirements of the users, the above-mentioned various factors should be considered comprehensively, and the variety, type and specification of universal couplings suitable for their needs should be selected from the existing standard couplings.Under normal circumstances, the existing standard coupling can basically meet the needs of different working conditions.When designing or selecting couplings for transmitting torque and motion, analysis and calculation of torsional vibration should be carried out. The purpose is to find the natural frequency of the shaft system to determine the critical speed of each order of the power machine, so as to calculate the torsional vibration of the shaft. Additional loads and stresses generated by the system and the transmission device.
   Universal couplingBecause of its large deviation angle and high transmission torque, it is widely used in various general mechanical occasions.Common types of universal couplings include general-purpose, high-speed, miniature, retractable, and high-torque universal couplings.The universal coupling is suitable for transmission occasions where the angle between the two shaft axes on the same plane of the connection space is β≤45°, and transmits a nominal torque of 11.2-1120Nm. The WSD type is a single cross universal coupling, and the WS type is a double cross universal coupling. The angle between each shaft of the shaft coupling is 45°.The finished hole H7 can be provided with keyway, hexagonal hole and square hole according to requirements.Allow the angle between the two shafts to change within a limited range as the work needs.Whether the unbalance of the coupling can meet the needs of any type of rotating system depends on the performance of each particular connected machine and is determined by the manufacturer of the connected machine.
   The allowable speed range of couplings of the same material, variety and specifications is the same. Changing the material of the coupling can increase the allowable speed range of the coupling. The allowable speed for steel is greater than the allowable speed for cast iron. .At the same time, for a certain coupling device, the rotation speed, the number of magnetic pole pairs, and the size of the outer rotor have been determined, then the diameter of the isolating sleeve, the effective axial length and the angular frequency of the field are also determined.Therefore, the main analysis here is the influence of the conductivity, permeability and thickness of the isolation sleeve on the magnetic field and eddy current loss.The greater the conductivity of the isolating sleeve and the greater the thickness, the smaller the resistance of the isolating sleeve and the greater the eddy current of the isolating sleeve. At this time, the eddy current has a greater influence on the magnetic field.If the thickness of the spacer sleeve increases, the gap between it and the inner and outer rotors will decrease, and the machining accuracy of the coupling is required to be high. Such high-precision machining is often difficult to meet, and it is usually necessary to increase the gap between the inner and outer rotors. To solve this problem, this will cause the air gap reluctance to increase and the air gap magnetic field to decrease.
   Universal couplingIn principle, both ends can be used as active or driven. The installation should comply with the design requirements of the transmission system, and the spline pair should be kept away from the vibration source or shock source as much as possible.For telescopic universal couplings with spline pairs, check whether the arrow marks of the spline shaft and the spline sleeve are aligned during installation to ensure that the phase difference between the axis of the fork bearing holes at both ends does not exceed 1°.Before installation, clean the oil stains and dry the flange surface, and use a torque wrench for the flange connecting bolts.Tighten according to the specified pre-tightening torque, and the mechanical performance grades of the bolts and nuts are 10.9 and 10 respectively.Before tightening the bolts, the threaded part must be cleaned with detergent, and a little 242 glue should be applied, and tightened in a staggered manner (but not low-hardness washers).
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